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Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss Pack

$ 373.97

Weight Loss & Maintenance Strategy for the 21st Century!

This Pack included Homeopathy and Organic Herbal Cleanses.  Dr. Dale's exclusive Weight Loss & Maintenance Pack includes the following Dr. Dale Formulated Exclusive Products and Complete Diet and Instructions. Research indicates the ingredients in the following products are effective in helping detoxification and regulation of the human body's ability to burn fat. Together with the appropriate diet (in each kit) you will feel good, and help assist weight loss and maintenance. Remember exercise is important in any regime.

Bio-HCG Slim (Homeopathy), Helps the body burn fat.

BioAge Reverse (Homeopathy), Helps support adrenal balance, blood sugar and hormone balance.

Slim #1 (Homeopathy) helps support metabolism, and curb hunger

Kidney Pro(Organic Herbs), Detoxifies Kidneys helping it perform all of its necessary functions.

Liver Pro

(Organic Herbs), Detoxifies the Liver helping it perform all of its important functions.

Whole Body & Immune Pro, Strengthens the Immune System when Cleansing the Blood.

Colon Pro (Organic Herbs), Cleanses the Colon

For ingredients, see each individual product on this shopping cart.

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Trish Grandchamp

Weight Loss & Maintain Pack