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Dr. Dale's Wellness Center offers you accurate information to help you make the right choices.   

We have a NO refund policy and All Sales Are Final. 

Return Policy (No Exceptions)

  1. Damaged Product
  • a.  Damaged products AND box.  Its UPS fault if Box is Damaged on the outside and then the products are broken or damaged on the inside.  We need photos of the outside of the box and the inside broken bottles.  Damaged products will be replaced immediately and UPS Claim will be made for replacement by Shipper.
  • b.  Outside of box is not damaged, but products inside are damaged due to insufficient packing. We need photos of the damaged bottles. The Wellness Center pays for reshipping new product to customer. 
  1.  Shipped Wrong Products
  • a.  Order was placed incorrectly by our staff.   Dr. Dale’s Wellness Center pays for pick up and new shipping cost.  UPS Return Tag is sent in the box with the correct product at The Wellness Center Expense.  The Incorrect products are dropped off by customer at a UPS store with the Return Tag on the box. When the returned product is received at our warehouse, it is treated as a “return to stock” order.
  • b.  Order was placed incorrectly by customers.  Customer pays for sending product back UPS to us.  No UPS Call Tag is issued. When we receive the returned incorrect order, then the correct order will be shipped at the customers expense.
  • c.  Order was shipped incorrectly by our Fulfillment/ Warehouse and there are missing products, too many products, and/or the wrong products when order was placed correctly. We are sorry for any inconvenience and strive for a perfect order and shipping experience.The Wellness Center pays for UPS Return Tag, which is sent to the customer.  The UPS Return Tag must be placed on the return box with the Incorrect products and then dropped off by customer at a UPS store.  The cost of shipping the replacement order is paid for by The Wellness Center.  When incorrect order is received back to us, we send out the correct products.
  1. Refusal of Order Shipment (No Exceptions)
  • If an order is shipped to the correct address and the product comes back because no one is home or it is refused, the order will be held and the customer will be called by Dr. Dale’s Staff until we reship the product at the customers expense.An additional shipping charge will be paid by the customer before the package is reshipped.
  • No refunds are given.