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Whole Body Detox Kit - 30 Day

$ 263.59

Take 3 capsules, three times daily with meals of the: Liver Pro, Kidney Pro & Whole Body Immune Pro (this equals 9 capsules per meal)

Begin with just ONE capsule, 3 times daily with meals of the Colon Pro. If one capsule is enough to move the colon normally than one is enough. If you experience constipation, increase to 2 caps and even 3 if necessary. DO NOT take enough to cause diarrhea. Bowels should eliminate three times daily with normal stool.

*Be sure to get plenty of PURIFIED water while detoxing, with minerals added back.

After you have completed one month of the cleanse, you may continue for 60 more days at a maintenance dose if necessary and to get a deeper cleanse. Please take one week off before starting the maintenance dose.

Take 2 caps, 3x daily with meals of the Liver Pro, Kidney Pro and Whole Body Immune Pro and ONE of the Colon Pro - or however much is needed to move to bowels normally. Take this dose Mon-Friday only with weekends off.

Always check with your natural health provider or physician before using any kind of products.  Always research online side-effects of the drugs you may be using from your physician, which may cause constipation liver other health issues.

Cleanse for Optimal Wellness!  This One-Month cleanse kit contains 4 raw herbal products.  It Is for those who detoxify yearly or for those who have health concerns.  You may start your cleanse 5 days a week according to the directions in the Slow Cleanse Kit, which includes Kidney Pro, Liver Pro, Whole Body Pro and Colon Pro for one month. The cleanse includes instructions and Ingredients are found on www.wellnesscenter.net under Product Description.

After this cleanse, you may want to do the 13 Day Whole Body Deep Cleanse to help flush the gallbladder.   The Para Pro can always be added to this protocol if you have parasites. The One Month Slow Cleanse Includes the following products:

(120 caps)  Kidney Pro,  2 bottles

(120 caps) Liver Pro,   2 bottles

(120 caps) Colon Pro,  1 bottle

(120 caps) Whole Body Pro, 2 bottles