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Neuro-Emotional Remedy - #01 Bladder Meridian/ Irritated

$ 30.94
Deep, quick relief that last due to high potency with drainage remedies. Releases repressed emotions and beliefs causing disease No side effect and FDA Registered

"Acupuncture In a Bottle"

Based on Chinese Medicnin's Five Element Theory

Balances and detoxifies an acupuncture meridian, organs, glands, emotions, vertebrae and/or system.

Targets, surfaces and detoxifies resited emotional energy patterns causing disease. (Identities)


Directions: Feel the emotion fully, breathe deeply-connecting breaths, Put 5 drops under tongue to release emotion. Continue 5 drops 2x daily as needed.


Neuro-Emotional Remedies #1 Bladder Irritated propritary homeopathic ingredients include:

  • Berberis VulgarisThuja Occidentalis
  • Apis MellificalPulsatilla
  • SaphysagriaBaryta Carbonica
  • BryoniaHepar Sulphuris Calcareum