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Neuro-Emotional Remedy - #02 Gallbladder

$ 30.94
Proprietary Homeopathic Organ Preparations for Physical and Emotional Balancing!

Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.P. created Neuro-Emotional Remedies® after 9 1/2 years of training and 25 years of practice and research in homeopathy, nutrition, and The Five Element Theory of Acupuncture. Until now, they have only been available to health practitioners.

There are 13 Neuro-emotional Remedies® which represent the entire acupuncture meridian system of the body.

Each element represents two or more acupuncture meridians, organs, glands and their corresponding emotions. Every remedy balances an entire acupuncture meridian, releasing resisted emotions, when used as directed.Neuro-Emotional Remedies® are organ specific and contain botanical ingredients with drainage properties so they have no side effects whatsoever.

Proprietary Homeopathic Formula helps mental and physical health issues and includes:


  • CHIONANTHUS (Fringe-tree)
  • NUX VOMICA (Poison-nut)
  • ARSENICUM ALBUM (Aresenious Acid)
  • FEL TAURI (Ox-gall)