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Multi-Layer Cleanse Kit-Homeopathy

$ 135.98

Dr. Dale's Multi-Layer Cleanse Kit "Homeopathy"

The cleanse will help balance acupuncture meridians, release, detox and drain emotions AND are also powerful organ preparations to detox filtering organs, glands and the blood, spleen and pancreas.  Due to its ability to release layer upon layer of emotional and physical toxins, like peeling an onion,  it is the "only"  true multi-layer cleansing system.
The multi-tasking cleanse will be used for one month only!  
NER #4 Kidney-Fear
NER #6 Liver-Anger
NER #2 Gallbladder-Resentment
NER #5 Colon-Stuck
NER #9 Spleen/Pancreas-Low Self-Esteem/Rejection (blood cleanser and blood glucose balance)
A special Diet and complete instructions for this kit is included.