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Heavy Metal & Mercury Pack

$ 357.58

Our Professional Protocol Packs are discounted and include one bottle of each of the following products.  Each Pack lasts approximately 30 to 60 days depending on dosage/usage.  

The packs are designed to help restore balance and health and are helpful for chronic and acute Illness.

Suggested use follows. Two to three packs may be necessary depending on exposure to heavy metals and neurological health. Consult with your health care provider. 

  • Mercury Plus Detox  (Homeopathy)
  • Lymph Detox Plus    (Homeopathy)
  • Whole Body Slow Cleanse: Detoxify all Filtering Organs. 4 formulas include (Kidney Pro, Liver Pro, Whole Body/Immune Pro, Colon Pro)
  • Hepatic Glutathione Pathway Formula (HGP):  Methylation, memory, Glutathione production, liver balance, heavy metals.  To rejuvenate and open this pathway so that heavy metals and chemicals causing neurological problems can be released from the brain and to stimulate glutathione production.

Note: This pack should be used after mercury amalgam fillings have been replaced and also to remove environmental heavy metal exposure