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Hair Stim (Homepathic)

$ 35.74

Hair-Stim is a homeopathic remedy formulated to rejuvenate hair growth. This oral formula contains a unique blend of homeopathic ingredients aimed at revitalizing and stimulating hair follicles. Designed for individuals experiencing hair thinning or loss, Hair-Stim follows homeopathic principles, promoting natural hair growth without causing harsh side effects. This remedy contains 25% organic ethanol and is presented in a 1 FL. OZ. (30 ml) spray bottle for easy application.

Hair-Stim contains the following homeopathic ingredients:

  • Pediculus Capitis 4X
  • Thyroidinum (Suis) 4C, 6C
  • Baryta Carbonica 30C
  • Bromium 30C
  • Calcarea Carbonica 30C
  • Sulphur 30C
  • Hydrofluoricum Acidum 30C
  • Mercurius Solubilis 30C
  • Mezereum 30C
  • Natrum Muriaticum 30C
  • Phosphorus 30C
  • Pulsatilla (Pratensis) 30C
  • Sepia 30C
  • Silicea 30C
  • Sulphur Iodatum 30C
  • Vinca Minor 30.

Inactive Ingredients: Demineralized water, 25% Organic Ethanol.

Administer 2 sprays orally, above the tongue, twice daily. Continue for 5 days, followed by a 2-day break. Avoid caffeine and mint during treatment. Consult a physician before use in children under 12 years of age.

Indications for use include hair loss, brittleness, dryness, premature graying, and tangling. If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children and consult a Poison Control Center right away in case of overdose. Do not use if tamper-evident seal is broken or missing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richard Bermudez
Unique Hair Growth Product That Works Quite Well

I've been using Hair Stim for a number of years now. I am getting great results! The area in back of my head is filling in nicely. I have also ordered Dr. Dale's Bio Iodine to use for better results. All hair that's grown in using Hair Stim is still there. It seems like the product is healing by reversing my hair loss. Hair is growing in full patches that cover an entire area where hair had been lost. After I take the product I can see hair grow in before my eyes! Truly amazing product that works quite well. Dr. Dale is a genius in my book!

Betty Budd

I was out of town over the holidays, so actually, my products arrived when I was gone. So today is my first day. And I am very excited.

Not sure

Have not noticed anything yet and I have used two bottles