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Basic Hormone Test (Urine Metabolites)

$ 299.00
*NOT AVAILABLE to clients located in California, New York & Maryland. Submit an online quiz (https://www.drdalewellness.com/free-symptom-quiz) if you reside in one of these states and are interested in a lab test as a doctor recommendation is required.

This combination of a full hormone metabolite profile (via urine) along with testing progesterone (via one saliva tube) will test for all sex hormones as well as androstenedione, an androgen hormone present in women who potentially have ovarian cysts and issues with their skin and menstrual cycles. This can also be used as a full hormone profile for those not wanting to take the saliva test. For example, if you have trouble making enough saliva to spit into the tubes, urine is a much easier collection method.

The test includes the following:

  • Estrogens (3 values)
  • Progestogens (2 values)
  • Progesterone (Saliva)
  • Androgens (5 values)

Our Direct To Patient hormone test will be shipped directly to the address you provide so that you can take the test in the privacy of your own home. Please follow the enclosed instructions to take and mail your kit back to the lab. Be sure to fill out and return the form with your personal information in your kit. The results will be delivered directly to you via e-mail notification.

You may share these results with a practitioner of your choice. If you need help reading your results and with protocol recommendations, please select a Dr. Dale practitioner using our map function. Please do not contact the Dr. Dale Wellness Center with questions about your results.

Customer Reviews

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Chandra Ayer
Daughter with bad acne

My daughter has suffered with horrible cystic acne since a budding teenager. Tired of the regular hormone tests at the doctor where they tell you everything looks normal yet they are only testing for 3 hormones, we took to the internet to do research. I was able to find a lot of good data on PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome). In these cases, women have metabolic issues that cause too many androgens in the system. But the doctors have never tested her for these extra androgens - they only look at regular testosterone. By using this test we were able to determine that my daughter does in fact have too many androgens. Now we are able to heal her using things for blood sugar balancing and to balance the androgen hormones. Without this specialized test we would still be very lost as it seems that doctors don't know how to properly test for this. Even the dermatologist did not suggest this test - they call it hormonal acne yet tell you that the hormones are normal. Makes no sense. Thank you Dr Dales for helping this make sense!