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EndoPure Pro (Progesterone) Homeo.

$ 40.00

EndoPure Pro Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation is a homeopathic formula that assists the body in balancing progesterone levels. It is designed to provide balance and rejuvenation without causing elevated levels of progesterone. The formula follows homeopathic principles and can be used frequently for acute symptoms or as directed on the label for chronic conditions. Saliva testing is recommended for monitoring hormone levels and adjusting the usage of EndoPure Pro accordingly.

EndoPure Pro contains the following homeopathic ingredients:

  • Progesteronium 6X
  • Pituitarinum 6X
  • Pineal 6X
  • Adrenal 6C
  • Hypothalamus 6C
  • Folliculinum 6C
  • Ovarinum 6C
  • L'Argenine 6X
  • Diascoria Villosa 6C
  • Cheladonium 6C
  • Sepia 12C
  • Lillium Tigrinium 12C
  • Sulphur (mineral) 12C
  • Belladonna 6C
  • Pulsatilla 12C

Demineralized Water, 25% Ethanol

Note: The EndoPure Pro formulations have been registered with the FDA and have no known side effects. They are safe for everyone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Worked better for me over the sprays

First I was on the set of sprays and then after not noticing a change in the first month my practitioner switched me to the drops. I noticed a difference in the first week! Please note I had to take this plus the other two drops (so all 3) plus bioage reverse drops.

Joell Kepka
Game changer

Get all 3! Huge help in balancing out your hormones!

Judith Dowell

Loved the product for years!

Elen Devick

EndoPure Pro (Progesterone) Homeo.