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Dental Pack

$ 187.75

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Our Professional Protocol Packs are discounted and include one bottle of each of the following products.  Each Pack lasts approximately 30 to 60 days depending on dosage/usage.   The packs are designed to help restore balance. Consult with your health care provider.

Suggested Use: 

  • BioFilm Detox: Detaches and flushes biofilm that is protecting pathogens in the mouth  and gut.
  • Raw Nattokinase: Research shows helps blood clots, joint pain, any inflammation
  • BioTox Bac 2 (Homeopathy):  For various types of Bacteria
  • Nano Ionic “Super” Silver (ionic mineral spray): Can be used topically, or orally.  Can be sprayed in water, on gums and teeth or anywhere topically up to 6 times daily

NOTE: The Whole Body Slow Cleanse (one month) is recommended as an adjunct to this pack.