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Candida, Fungus & Mold Detox Kit

$ 240.12

Candida, Fungus & Mold Pack 

Dr. Dales Comprehensive Candida, Fungus & Mold Pack includes Dr. Dale's proprietary formulas as follows. All products are Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Not Irradiated, No Flow Agents.  Complete Instructions and dietary regime are included in the kit.  30 days supply.

Candida-Ease, (homeopathy)   Lquid drops. Proven effective for symptoms of various types of Candida symptoms.

AllerCyl Airborn, (homeopathy)  Liquid drops.  Proven effective for symptoms of airborn allergic responses.

Nano Ionic Silver "Super Siliver",  (Ionic mineral liquid oral spray)   Ionic Silver has indeed been recognized to help fight infections of various kinds according to years of research.

Whole Body Immune, 120 capsules.  Formulated with organic and wildharvested herbs to assist with strengthening the immune system while detoxification of the body and blood.

BioFilm Detox: 120 Veggie Caps. Formulated to cleanse biofilm from the body and colon.