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BioTox Gut

$ 43.00

BioTox Gut is a unique homeopathic formula designed with a special emphasis on BioResonance Healing. It targets the potential causative disharmonic frequencies, bacteria, and parasites that could affect one's health. With its homeopathic nosodes, sarcodes, and other remedies, BioTox Gut aims to be both safe and effective for managing both chronic and acute conditions, in children as well as adults.

BioTox Gut can potentially aid in providing relief from a number of symptoms such as skin rash, headache, physical and mental fatigue, fever, cough, vomiting, flu-like symptoms, heart palpitations, pain, belching, diarrhea, food poisoning, and stiffness of limbs or joints. As per homeopathic Materia Medica, the ingredients used in this formulation have been found effective in alleviating the symptoms mentioned.

Helicobacter Pylori 15X, 30X, 30C, 60C, Salmonella Paratyphi Type A: 15C, 30C, 60C, Salmonella 12X, 15X, 30X, 30C, 60C, Botulinum 30C, Nux Vomica 3C, Cheladonium 3X, 6X, 8X, Thymus 8X, 1LM, Intestinal mucosa 3X, Liver 8X, 30C, Spleen 8X, Phytolacca 3X, 6X, Cochleria Armoracia 3X.

The recommended dosage of BioTox Gut is 5 drops, 2 or 3 times per day on an empty stomach; 5 days per week or until symptoms abate.

Before starting this or any supplement, it's always a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider, especially if you're pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or are taking medication. Should you want to discuss the full scope of these remedies, join our teleseminars.

This product is not intended to replace professional medical advice and treatment. Always follow the recommended dosage, and if symptoms persist, consult with a healthcare provider. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jess Kramer
H.Pylori / Rosacea

I was seeing a dermatologist for years about my rosacea (bright red complexion on the face). I was on a low dose antibiotic and some topicals - it helped but never fully cleared plus I didn't exactly love what I knew an antibiotic was doing to my gut. After working with a functional MD we discovered I had h.pylori bacterial infection. Now unfortunately you cannot just take an antibiotic and be done with it - otherwise I would have been cleared of it long ago with my long term antibiotic. Working with my practitioner we were able to get my stomach acid levels up and clear the h.pylori using this homeopathic. Part of the process included NO coffee - as it's acidic nature strips stomach acid and homeopathy also fails to work with caffeine in the body. It was worth it. I am clear and have much better digestion after some heavy microbiome repopulating and repair due to the long term antibiotic damage. I encourage everyone to seek natural help if you can.

Y. Fuentes
For total gut rejuvenation

Absolutory wonderful for healing the gut and digestive issues! Took it with Digest Pro and dietary plan from my nutritionist.