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BioTox BAC 1

$ 43.00

BioTox BAC 1 is a product of BioResonance Healing. It contains the energetic imprint of most pathogens, toxins, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, GMO’s, ova, parasites, allergens, medications, radiation (any type), and vaccines. It is indicated for individuals experiencing chronic fatigue, rash, flu-like symptoms, swelling and joint pain (like arthritis), tingling and numbness in your hands, feet, back, poor memory, or weakness or paralysis in your facial muscles.

The BioTox BAC 1 nosode formula aids in alleviating chronic fatigue, rashes, flu-like symptoms, swelling, joint pain akin to arthritis, tingling and numbness in hands, feet, back, brain fogginess, poor memory, and facial muscle weakness or paralysis. It is used until symptoms abate, contributing to improved health and wellbeing.

Anthracinum 30C, 60X, 200X, 400X, Arsenicum album 8X, 15X, 30X, 60X, Coxiella Burneti 30C, 60X, 200X, Francisella Tularensis 30C, 60X, Escherichia Coli 6X, 15X, 18X 30X, Mycoplasma Hominis 6X, 8X, 15X, 30XProteus Mirabillis 30C, 100C, 200C, Pseudomonas 30C, 60C, Pestinum 30C, 60X, 200X, Pyrogenium 30C, 60X, 200X, 400X, Typhoid 30C, 60X, 200X, 400X, 3LM, Tabebuia Impetiginosa 3X, 6X, 15X, Coxiella Burnett 30C (Q-fever) 30C, 60X, 200X, Bacillus Tetani 30C, 60X, 200X, 400X, 3LM,Yersinia enterocolitica 30C, 60X, Taraxacum Officinale 3X, Cochleria 3X.

BioTox BAC 1 is to be taken at 5 drops 2 or 3 times per day, on an empty stomach, 5 days per week or until symptoms abate. Its formulation makes it a powerful agent for BioResonance Healing, suitable for individuals suffering from a range of symptoms.

BioTox BAC 1 is a homeopathic product that employs the principles of BioResonance Healing. This involves using the energetic imprint of various substances, including pathogens, toxins, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, GMOs, ova, parasites, allergens, medications, radiation (any type), and vaccines. The product works by interacting with the body's energy fields, aiding in healing and recovery.

Always follow the recommended dosage. If symptoms persist, consult with a healthcare provider. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Levine
Seems to work

I've been taking this for a long while..spaced out from the other drops I take from you every morning..it keeps things moving, which I need with my hypothyroid condition..