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BioSlim (Part B)

$ 57.60

Dr. Dale's BioSlim (Homeopathy) is an exclusive homeopathic Fibonacci sequenced formula developed to assist with weight loss and maintenance. It works by supporting the metabolism, controlling the body's cravings, and helping the body balance natural hormones responsible for weight loss and maintenance. The formula contains FDA registered ingredients and has been potentized and diluted according to the Fibonacci mathematical sequence. It is claimed that this sequence, which appears everywhere in nature, was used by Mozart in his music compositions.

BioSlim can contribute to a successful weight loss program by supporting key bodily functions and processes. It can be used by anyone and is non-toxic. Our customers and doctors report weight loss from 20 to 40 lbs per month using the included 900 calorie diet. This product may serve as a great alternative to invasive injections. The formula also supports the pituitary, hypothalamus, and adrenal glands, which are integral to the body's weight management systems.

For best results please also take with Slim (Part A), sold individually or you can buy these as a kit (found under Protocol Packs).Place 5 drops under the tongue three times a day: in the morning, afternoon, and evening, on an empty stomach.

A diet of 900 calories comprised of protein, fruits, vegetables and light carbohydrates should be followed while taking these drops. If incorporating working-out another 300 calories can be added. You might find it helpful to research the HCG diet on how to eat for the best results.

The proprietary homeopathic formula contains ingredients that have been successful in supporting weight loss and the functions of the pituitary, hypothalamus, and adrenal glands.

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old energy medicine approved by the FDA. A homeopathic formula contains the memory and blueprint (the electronic signature) of its ingredients. In this case, the ingredients are FDA approved. This formula travels along meridian pathways to targeted organs, providing natural and non-invasive support for weight management.

Customer Reviews

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Lenora Thompson
Life saver

I have using been this product for a while , its helps me with my appetite and food craving. I would recommend it.

Enjoying the BioAge Reverse

Hello, I have finally started the program and I'm enjoying it very much. I completed my first week and I lost 5 lbs. There's a lot of preparing/cooking but I'm getting use to it. Fortunately, I have a friend who has is supporting me which really helps.