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Below please find our non-solicited testimonials.
"Results May Vary and the Wellness Center and Dr. Theresa Dale make no claims to cure or treat disease."

"When I was taking the Liver Pro and Kidney Pro together, I stopped having hot flashes, night sweats and sleep disruption between 130 and 330 am. It was wonderful to sleep straight through the night every night!
I finished both bottles weeks ago and now am having sleep disruption again and some mild hot flashes and night sweats. I need to order the Liver Pro and Kidney Pro! :)"
~ Liz M.

"My health is tremendously better thanks to Dr. Dale's products.  I have made more progress in my health in the last 12 months than I did previously in the last 15 years!" Happy Holidays!  ~Joyce Jones

"Upon taking BioAge Reverse, my already heightened sex drive actually increased even further."  ~M.G.

"As a natural doctor committed to providing the best possible treatment options to my patients, several modalities were recommended to a patient - a couple of years ago now - who had a breast tumor.  Dr. Theresa Dale's NuFem Pro was applied to my patient's breast lump, and in a short while (3 months), the tumor disappeared!  The application of Dr. Dale's NuFem Pro appeared to enhance her natural protocols since the tumour began shrinking once that cream was added to the protocol.  Now, it is important to me to recommend NuFem Pro to all my patients with breast tumors."   ~C.W.

"No-one else has put products together as Dr. Dale has, for specific disharmonies. All disharmonies start with the emotional that manifest in the physical - that Dr. Dale has identified as "negative identity patterns." To have created 12 NeuroEmotional Remedies as she has (note: Fibonacci sequenced Mind Body Meridians available to Health Providers) that enable the body to release negative identity patterns associated with the organ that holds the pattern, by using the product, is amazing. Only Dr. Theresa Dale has done this." ~M.P.

Patricia who purchased (2) bottle of the Hair Again in early May and she was so excited and told me that after two weeks of using the product the bald spot on the back of her head started filling in.  She said it is so easy, you just put the drops under your tongue and follow the directions. She was so over joyed by the results.

 Hi Dr. Dale.

After being in your program for almost two months ( I did one month slow cleanse and 13 days cleanse along with some homeopathic remedies that you gave me) I did the pep test and HPV test few days ago and I am very happy to report that my tests came back negative. THANK YOU,THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Sincerely, ~ Ar. B. 

Dr. Theresa Dale lives from POSSIBILITY and UNREASONABLENESS. She extends to her patients, clients, and student both an example and a viable, comprehensive path to high-level wellness. 

She is a master homeopathic formulator, and is committed to empowering people to reclaim their birthright of joy, vitality, and peace. 

It is an honor to call Dr. Theresa a mentor, colleague, and friend. 

~ Dr. David Kamnitzer, D.C., Transformational Teacher and Healer, Redwood City, CA

From Judy Knoll, health provider, in regards to the HCG SLIM protocol . . . I have been trying for 10 years to lose weight. Nothing worked. I was eating a healthy diet but more food to keep my blood sugar intact. Nobody could understand including myself why I would eat such healthy foods and stay fat.

So, I decided to do Dr. Dale's HCG Program and I named it "MY LAST CHANCE DIET'. My first 3 days were not easy and partially because I did not drink enough water. The 4th day I woke up feeling fabulous and even went for a long walk. So, after 26 days I lost 15 lbs. which was my goal.

On my break which lasted 9 days I only gained one pound. I did not consume a lot of food because I was not as hungry as I used to be. I resumed the program on Oct. 10. Today is Oct. 23 and to date I have lost 22 lbs. My pants are falling to the ground and I couldn't be happier.

My next break will be November 5 the weekend of my 67th birthday. I will resume a week after that and see if I could total a loss of 40 lbs. If not, I will keep on going. I love working with both of you and love your products.


I forgot to mention that my diabetic neuropathy is almost gone. 90%!  Also, I was worried about my wrinkles and 3 people mentioned that my skin looked better and I looked younger!

All the best, ~ Judy Knoll

Last Friday I saw Dr. Andrew Pall & he took my crown off & took my tooth out. When he took the tooth out, low & behold - I still had mercury on it. Also, as he pulled the root out which he didn't do very easily - because I had a tumor growing on it.  So hopefully I will heal now & get my body in order so I have NO more hot flashes. So Dr. Dale was right about the tooth when you saw me at Long Beach Health Fair. Blessings, ~C.G.

 Dr Dale, I want to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for the brilliant guidance you have provided to assist me with the menacing health issues I have been struggling with for nearly two years.  As I began using the NER tinctures and reading your emotional DNA book, both my conscious and subconscious awareness expanded remarkably. And continue to do so.... It's truly fascinating. In just one month, I have recognize a noticeable transformation of positive shifts taking place in my overall perception and emotional stability.

The development of your NER line as well as all of the other products and philosophies have had a profound and dramatic effect on my life. I am fundamentally astounded by your discoveries and the general essence of your life's work. Proving once again, that one person really can make a difference. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

God bless you!

~ Stephanie T.

 From:  Dr. Eric DeYoung, Louisville, Kentucky

Two days ago I evaluated a 35 year old man in otherwise good health. He has been experiencing Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) like symptoms for 7-8 months of unknown etiology. During the interview I explored environmental, structural and emotional causation. All medical tests came up negative.

He is an executive in the Telecom industry and is constantly on the phone in his office at work and on his NEW cell phone outside of work. In addition his office is completely wi-fi. Outside of work, he is the community Mayor of his township and is constantly responding to emails, text and calls on his cell phone.

During the course of his intake, I muscle tested him and he was strong for EMF exposure which is consistent with his environmental exposures. Just then his cell phone went off which was in his chest shirt pocket. I asked him how long he had that phone which allows internet, email, text, GPS, etc... He had it for about 9 months!

I recommended your Radiation remedy and his wife told me today that he no longer has the ringing in his ears.

Just thought I would pass along another great outcome combining your muscle testing methods and remedies. Thanks for your dedication to natural health and no spin Homeopathy!

Just a testimony about All Flu Product. This past Teusday I woke up in the middle of the night sick and had a busy day at the office, I am a chiropractor. I got up feeling nauseated, aching bones and a terrible headache. I went to work, but 1st took a capful of the All Flu. For the 1st hour and a half, I struggled around, wanting to go home.

But around 10 am, I suddenly noticed that I was starting to feel better. By noon, I only had a headache , which lasted all day. All the other symptoms were gone. I felt fine on Wednesday...no problems at all. I'm sold! ~ Michael Lynn, DC

Dear Theresa;  I'm using several of your products and am glad to report that I am finally improving in several areas of health. It took awhile to get off of caffeine, change my diet and add exercise into my schedule. It seems as though my adrenals are healing nicely and life is just happier.  ~Jess

Dear Dr. Dale:

I’m SO much better than the last time I emailed you: no more hot flashes, insomnia, night seats and I’m having regular periods, again, too – That’s pretty groovy stuff you’ve got me on!  Luna

A Registered Nurse wrote:  For years, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had a medical scan indicating a cyst near or on my ovaries. As a result, I experienced severe and raging PMS with anger outbursts, irritability one week prior to menses. I also had been under a lot of emotional stress and have had a history of infertility.

After getting the NuFem Saliva test and following your protocol using NuFem Creams and NeuroEmotional Remedies for three months my PMS symptoms were gone. Then during my menses, a huge cyst flushed out of my body. I immediately went to my GYN and had blood tests, x-rays and an ultra sound. The results of the tests and the pelvic exam were that the endometriosis was gone, there were no cysts and my endocrine health is perfect. Thank you Dr. Dale for your NuFem. I have never felt better. ~ Marilyn Messina, RN 

Dear Dr. Dale:  Since the age of eleven, I have suffered with severe PMS that affected my life two weeks out of every month for over 35 years. Then when I became menopausal my symptoms that included joint pain, digestive problems, muscle aches, foggy thinking, anxiety, weight gain and insomnia became a daily trial.. The results of NuFem saliva testing for my hormone status indicated toxic levels of progesterone, very low estradiol levels and cortisol problems related to adrenal exhaustion. After 10 days on your program, the joint pain and muscle ache disappeared. I then became progressively better feeling balanced and healthy. Now after two months on your program, I am sleeping better and have a definite improvement in my focus and concentration. In am continuing on the program and plan to repeat the saliva testing at the end of three months.

Can you imagine my feelings and profound gratitude after having suffered with this condition for more than 40 years?  ~ Dorit Rogers, Registered Nurse

A doctor wrote:  Please be advised that your NuFem Saliva Test has changed my practice. I work with very difficult cases (mostly women) Most of them present with complex and multiple symptoms. I use the Phazx system, which is a highly sophisticated screening device, but your test has added a testing dimension and insight into my patient’s health problems that I have never had. I highly recommend this test to any physician or practitioner that wants the very best in adrenal and female hormone assessment tools.  ~Paul Harris, Ph.D.

Dear Dr. Dale, I have had severe hair loss that I discovered to be the result of the use of a seemingly benign product that I found to contain an ingredient that increases the production of male hormone and is the cause of male pattern baldness. The degree of hair loss was great and extensive. My hairline had receded all the way around and my crown was almost bald. I immediately began following your recommendations using NuFem #1 and within a week, the hair loss had decreased noticeably, as of now, it has completely stopped. Thank you for all of the time you put into your research and into your products. ~Darlene B., N.D.

A doctor’s patient wrote:  I just want to let you know that I have had some immediate results from the NuFem creams and NeuroEmotional Remedies. I noticed the bladder leakage went away almost immediately, as in the day I began using the NeuroEmotional Remedies. This was a long-term problem that I have been fighting with herbs for six years. The other immediate improvement from the NuFem creams is that the swelling I had experienced for quite a while also went down immediately. ~Sarah 

I wanted to share with you the results of my recent "hair fiasco", so that you would have this information at hand should one of your patients find herself in the same unfortunate situation as I.  You may recall that 6-8 weeks ago I spoke with you about severe hair loss that I eventually discovered to be the result of the use of a seemingly benign product that I found to contain an ingredient that increases the production of male hormone and is the cause of male pattern baldness. I can honestly say that the degree of hair loss was great, as well as extensive. My hairline had receded all the way around, and my crown was almost bald. This was devastating to me as a woman, and also had the potential to be embarrassing and limiting to my practice as a Naturopath. After all, an N.D. should not experience such.....she should know better! Fortunately, I was able to disguise this condition with an appropriate hairstyle, however, I knew if I could not stop the loss, it would only be a matter of time before it could no longer be hidden.  I had discovered the cause and immediately stopped using the offensive product, but the hormone balance (or lack of) remained a problem and the hair loss continued. Since my training is Naturopathy and did not involve any extensive Endocrinology training, I had ideas to correct this problem, but I needed someone who could offer further, more specific advise. I am grateful that I was already acquainted with you and your work, and knew to call to ask for your help. I was already doing most of the things you suggested, except not using the amounts that you knew to be effective in such a situation. I immediately began following your recommendations (including using Nu-Fem #1) and within a week, the hair loss had decreased noticeably, and as of now, it has completely stopped. I have a way to go in order to regain what was lost, but it is a great relief to know that the worst is over. I am especially comforted that this progress was made via natural methods, and that I have not contaminated my body in order to attempt to save my "crown of glory".  Believe it or not, I am grateful for this problem, as I have learned from it, and hope to be able to pass on my knowledge to my clients in order to improve their health and well-being. Thank-you for all of the time you put into your research and into your products, and for sharing your information with any who will listen.

In gratitude,
~Darlene R. Betsill, N.D. 

 Good Morning,   

 I have been on your NuFem hormone correction program for 7 weeks. My hot flashes have diminished completely but that¹s not the big news.  For as far back as I can remember (into my teens) I have had cravings for sweets. Also when I get hungry I have to eat something right away, so I always munch on junk foods while I cook dinner or else I had better have something already prepared I can eat immediately. Over the last few weeks I have noticed my desire for sweets has left and my desire to ear right away has disappeared. I can walk into my kitchen now and spend an hour slicing and dicing a nutritious salad without stuffing anything into my mouth. Then sit down and eat it.I never connected my food habits with my hormones being out of balance. It is a pleasant surprise to have that benefit show up!   I can¹t wait til the end of March to re-test. I am very excited about your program.  Thank you. ~ Sylvia Silk 

 Dr. Dale,

Thank you so much for sharing with me the Naturopathic Endocrinology information. What a gift. I have only used the NuFem with one patient. She was having infertility issues and within a week of beginning treatment, she began to detect ovulation via a home test kit. As far as I know, she has not conceived. I will follow up with her.  Thank you again. I will be in touch. ~Lisa Giusiana, DC, HHP 

Helping others achieve optimal health. I am currently taking a regimen of your wonderful homeopathic remedies and have been doing really good with them! Feeling so much better! ~Kris from Ohio

 Hi Dr Dale

I have been on your nufem products for 1 and 1/2 years. I had been on the estrogen patch and was able to get off of it totally . last summer I did the gall bladder/liver flush several times with great success. I am feeling quite good now.  Thanks, ~Ashley

Re: NeuroBalance Pro

Dear Dr. Dale,

Yesterday, I had a follow-up visit with a 9-year old patient with ADD.  The parents noticed a major change in his moods and his teachers are pleased with changes in willingness to follow their instruction.  I don’t know how to help you in tweaking your formula.  It seems to be effective just the way it is!  These parents are anxious to get another bottle as their bottle is almost gone!  Please let us know when production is finished.  Thank you. ~Joanne Noel, D.C. 

 Dear Dr. Dale, I did want to mention to you that I have had great success with your products. My client, Saira Jabbar, has/had PCOS and was basically bed bound at age 20. She is now back in school and her friends are annoyed with her because she is feeling a little too good and voicing her opinions on everything! It only took one month on your creams to bring back a period that had been missing for over a year. When the period started on time, she took herself to the emergency room at 4:00 in the morning thinking it had to be a ruptured cyst and not her period. She was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for superb line of creams. ~Linda Wagner, Endometriosissupport.com 

 Hello Dr. Dale,

I have tired everything under the sun and I have spent thousands of dollars to get rid of hot flashes. I have had hot flashes for over 7 years occurring 16-24 times a day then I would become chilled. I am so pleased with the results of using your products for menopausal symptoms for just one month! In fact, within 3 days I noticed a big change I slept 3 nights in a row with no hot flashes. My sleep has been fantastic. I still have mini flashes during the day, but very tolerable. I know within the next month they will be completely gone. I changed my diet and do mostly raw food now and that "menopause belly" has gone away. I have always been thin until menopause then I gained 15 pounds that I could not take off. Changed the diet and used your products and I have lost 12 of those unwanted pounds. I made the diet change a month before I started with the remedies. I am a licensed clinical social worker and work with many women with hormonal issues. I have forwarded your web address to them so they can get balanced. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. ~Charlotte A. Michie, LCSW

 Hi Theresa,

I just wanted to give you an update since our telephone conversation.

I did order and receive the minerals you recommended. I started taking them about 2 weeks after we spoke. At first, I really didn't notice anything but then, my period came about a week ago. I AM ABSOLUTELY AMAZED and please don't take that comment too lightly! The following is a list of my NORMAL period symptoms since age 17; 1) Heavy dark red bleeding with large clots 2) Severe cramps in the low back radiating to the middle back along with abdominal and anal cramps 3) 1 week prior, swollen and very tender breasts 4) 1 day prior, severe moods swings along with sweet cravings 5) 1 day prior, under arm perspiration 6) 1st day of cycle, severe exhaustion 7) Severe bloating from a size 5/6 to; I looked like I was 6-7 months pregnant (I'm not kidding I had no pants to fit during that time, just wore a dress or sweats) I had none of those symptoms. NONE, not one. It just came and went like nothing! I am amazed and my husband is amazed too. I even think my hair is starting to have a different texture if that makes any sense? It started to have a wiry, strange texture and was falling out by the hand fulls. Seems to have a bit more elasticity to it. I am going to call your office and get the hair stuff you recommended and also do the saliva test I received. We have been a bit short this month as our renters moved out with no notice, etc. I will forward it as soon as possible. Thank you so much for helping me. I just can't say enough for how it feels to just "feel better". ~Carol Boldt