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Pro Wellness Private Membership Association

Why Join the Pro Wellness Private Membership Association?

A legal private membership association has been formed to expand our services to Members only.   

Read Membership Agreement and Sign. 

Pro Wellness Private Membership Association is a new environment for education and gives Members and Dr. Dale the opportunity to have detailed conversations about health care for your patients and yourself and includes the following.

  • Private membership protection, PMA – Our members’ list is not discoverable, which means your contact information will be private and protected from anyone or any organization. If you are not a Member of a legal PMA, organizations or entities can legally access all of your contact information from any company that does not have a legal PMA.

Our Membership Club Dues includes the following special services.

  • Dr. Dale’s Professional Protocols and handouts
  • Tech support for your patients lab tests
  • Members Forum: email Dr. Dale daily questions about any patient or any health condition. All questions will be collected and Dr. Dale will get answers to all questions emailed back to you three times per week
  • Discounted private in-office consultation for Members ONLY
  • Product Discounts Only to our Members
  • Members training: One new Monthly educational training online. Topics will include Herbology, Naturopathy, Spiritual Psychology, Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathy, and BioResonance Therapy
  • BioResonance Custom Therapy for Pro Wellness Members
  • PEMF equipment Member Special
  • Opportunity to create your own PMA for your practice. Ask us after you become a Member and we will help.

Pro Wellness Private Membership Association Fees and Club Dues

Membership in the Pro Wellness Private Membership Association has a Club with Services including  all of the above.  

Note:  $20.00 One-time Lifetime Membership fee in the Pro Wellness Private Membership Association (PMA) is included in either option of the Membership Club Dues. 

The Membership Club:  The Pro Wellness Membership Club offers services, trainings and discounts above. You Pay dues to maintain the Club online and for updates, services, discounts and education above and to add more services and education to the above list. It also offers protection between Dr. Dale and the member of the PMA.  You can pay the dues yearly or monthly. Discounts below apply.

  1. Pay Yearly Club Dues:  $528.00 Yearly Membership Dues –  payment is in full at the signing of this agreement.  Thie cost is $44.00 per month for 12 months.  (An annual saving of $168.00 compared to the monthly Club Dues). 
  2. Pay Monthly Club Dues:  $58.00 each month for 12 months.  You will be Billed $174.00 every three months thru paypal or your credit card. The total is $696.00 Club Dues per year.