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Neuro-Emotional Remedy - #12 Male Endocrine (Unresponsive)

$ 30.94

The Neuro-Emotional Remedy #12 Male Endocrine Meridian/Unresponsive is a proprietary homeopathic formula developed by Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.P. It is specifically designed to support physical and emotional balancing of the male endocrine system, particularly addressing the issue of unresponsiveness. This remedy is part of a collection of 13 Neuro-emotional Remedies® that represent the entire acupuncture meridian system of the body. Each remedy is organ-specific and aims to release resisted emotions and balance the corresponding meridians.

The Neuro-Emotional Remedy #12 Male Endocrine Meridian/Unresponsive contains a proprietary blend of homeopathic ingredients known for their potential to support emotional and physical well-being. The ingredients include:

  • Phosphoricum Acidum (Phosphoric Acid), 1M
  • Kali Phosphoricum (Phosphate of Potassium), 1M
  • Zincum Metallicum (Zinc), 1M
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens (Yellow Jasmine), 30C
  • Uva Ursi (Bearberry), 6C
  • Sarsaparilla (Smilax), 30C
  • Sabal Serrulata (Saw Palmetto), 6C
  • Pituitarinum Gland, 3x Drainage
  • Chimaphila Umbellata (Pipsissewa), 3x Drainage

These homeopathic ingredients work together to address the emotional and physical imbalances related to the male endocrine system and unresponsiveness. They aim to release resisted emotions and promote well-being in the context of the male endocrine meridian. The formula is organ-specific and contains drainage properties to ensure there are no side effects.

Please note that the Neuro-Emotional Remedy #12 Male Endocrine Meridian/Unresponsive is meant to complement other approaches and should not substitute professional medical advice. If you have any concerns or underlying health conditions, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional.

Customer Reviews

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Roman Olearczyk

Neuro-Emotional Remedy - #12 Male Endocrine (Unresponsive)

Back on track

Helped get my low t back on track with the other product for male testosterone. I would recommend.

Safer than testosterone replacement

Being told at age 35 that my testosterone is low was a shock. I didn't understand why so many people were dealing with this and I ended up doing a lot of research on it. It turns out, meat that is treated with hormones and antibiotics, drinking and eating out of plastic containers and exposure to chemicals along with stress contributed to this. I did not want to do HRT because of the known side effects and cancer risk. I was also more concerned with the root issues and not just putting on a band aid I would have to take forever. I had some friends who tried testosterone building supplements - which I was open to but it didn't seem any of them would actually get your testosterone into range on the labs at the doctor. I used this product with the NER Men's formula plus the optimal multi pro and did 3 rounds of the full body detox. Let me tell you what - I FELT so much better. Energy, sex drive - overall much better. I also had the labs to prove that my testosterone production came back into normal range after 6 months. I had to stop coffee and energy drinks but I now realize that those things were a big part of the problem in the first place. Now I don't even need caffeine. Never thought I would say that!