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Nano Ionic Immune Formula

$ 39.99

Dr. Dale's Nano Ionic Immune Formula, also known as Dr. Dale's Immune Support, is a specialized blend of minerals designed to support and strengthen the immune system. This formula includes zinc, selenium, sulfur, and silver, which play important roles in immune function. Deficiencies in these minerals can contribute to a weakened immune response, making individuals more susceptible to colds, flu, allergies, and asthma. By providing an optimal blend of essential elements, this formula aims to promote a healthy and robust immune system.

  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Sulfur
  • Silver

Other ingredients: Purified water

30 drops daily in water or juice.

Dr. Dale's Nano Ionic Immune Formula sets itself apart from solid supplements by utilizing a proprietary process that transforms pure mineral crystals into a fully hydrated, 100% bioavailable liquid ionic supplement. This liquid formula is taste-free, gentle on the stomach, and made in the USA. It undergoes quality testing to ensure safety and potency and contains no additives or sweeteners. The key difference lies in the bioavailability of the minerals, as Dr. Dale's minerals are designed to be highly absorbable by the body. Remember, it's not just about what you take, but what you absorb. Daily values have not been established for this formula.