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Daily Essentials Pack

$ 106.15

We have run out of stock for this item.

This effective kit is available in a single shipment or automatically shipped to you according to your preference. It is automatically shipped on your original order date.

This Pack is an important adjunct to any wellness program as it has the finest nutrients helpful to correct methylation, support adrenal function and repair mineral loss.

Dr. Dales Daily Power Pack includes the following necessities for proper environmental toxicity. This Pack includes our Optimal Multi Pro, Vitamin D3 and Nano Ionic Multi, please follow directions on each individual bottle.  Optimal Multi Pro and Vitamin D3 are in veggie caps and free of flow agents, binders, fillers, coloring and preservatives.  Nano Ionic Multi with Silica is essental for the entire body including skin, hair, nails, bones and organs.

These products are the highest quality possible and like all of Dr. Dale's products are GMO free, not-irradiated, and non-toxic.